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Lakshadweep tourism is primarily centered on water sports. We know about best places to visit in Lakshadweep and explore the best Lakshadweep islands that are available for tourists.

Glass Bottom Trip At Lagoon

A glass bottom boat is a boat with sections of glass, or other suitable transparent material, below the waterline allowing passengers to observe the underwater environment from within the boat. The view through the glass bottom is better than simply looking into the water from above, because one does not have to look through optically erratic surface disturbances.

Water Scooter Ride

Make your holiday an opportunity to discover something completely different. Alone or with friends, enjoy the thrills and freedom of skidding over the waves and out to sea. Make a ride on sea scooter DPV and experience the thrill of truly effortless underwater propulsion. We have a water scooter for every type of scuba diving and snorkeling activities.

Water Sking

Water skiing is a sport in which an individual is pulled behind a boat or a cable ski installation over a body of water, skimming the surface. The sport requires exceptional upper and lower body strength, as well as good balance and muscular endurance..

Speed Boating

Speed Boating are essentially the most well-liked of all varieties of water sports. To enhance the speed of the boat, motorboat hulls are configured in this kind of a way the frictional resistance is reduced. The speeding boat moving by way of the pristine waters of the ocean alongside the different islands encompassed by silvery sands present a mesmerizing sight.

Day Lagoon Fishing

Anglers will have a heavenly time with marvelous opportunity of Lakshadweep Lagoon Fishing. Not only individuals who are insane about fishing but other lovers who wish to get linked to some comforting pastime, will welcome Lagoon Fishing in Lakshadweep.

Day Deep Sea Fishing

The lagoons of Lakshadweep are scorching mattress of numerous fishing and boating activities. Some of the resorts and island authorities organize night lagoon fishing as well. The peaceful ambiance in the course of the evening is perfect .

Offered Services

Lakshadweep, also known as the coral paradise of India, represents one of the richest biodiversities in India. Blessed with an unparalleled natural beauty, the exotic coral reef island of Lakshadweep is a magnificent blend of greenish panorama and modern infrastructural facilities.

lakshadweep Beach Resort
Coral Paradise Beach Resort

At Coral Paradise Beach Resort, you can experience the natural lifestyle of the people while staying in the eco_friendly cottages. Just small enough to give you enough privacy. Big enough to give you all the space around. And right enough to give you all our service attention.

Kadmat Island Resort

Kadmat Island Resort in Lakshadweep presents 28 sea-facing rooms, it includes A/C cottages and non-A/C cottages. The rooms offer panoramic views of the azure calm sea and are stylishly furnished with contemporary amenities like spacious attached baths with running hot/cold water, etc

Fly Zone Homestay

Fly Zone Home Stay is a beautiful hotel located in the midst of a glittering seas and sun drenched golden beaches. For a dip in the ocean or fun-filled adventure, Lakshadweep has various beach water sports. This hotel located on the Lakshadweep Islands hotel has various draws .